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The 2022 (15th) China Asphalt Industry Annual Meeting was Successfully Held


On July 12, 2022, the 2022 (15th) China Asphalt Industry Annual Meeting initiated by Baiinfo was successfully held in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. This meeting was jointly organized and held by Baiinfo and Shanghai Futures Exchange, and hosted by Star Energy (China) Co., Ltd., who is a local enterprise at Ningbo.

Over 300 people attended the meeting, which received widespread attention from domestic asphalt production enterprises, traders, importers, downstream end users, warehousing and logistics companies, futures companies, and investment companies. Baiinfo’s China Asphalt Industry Annual Meeting is the most anticipated, popular and influential annual event in the industry!

On July 12, Mr. Xiong Wenguo, General Manager of the organizer Baiinfo, gave a speech at the meeting, and then the meeting, anchored by Ms. Gao Yuhua from the Asphalt Business Department of Baiinfo, officially kicked off.

At the meeting, Mr. Hua Jing, Chairman of Star Energy (China) Co., Ltd., gave a keynote speech on "Analysis of the Asian Asphalt Market in the Post-epidemic Era". The hot topics in the crude oil market and the trends in the Asian asphalt market during the epidemic were elaborated from multiple perspectives, which were recognized and applauded by the attendees.

At the award ceremony that night, Star Energy (China) Co., Ltd. was awarded the Excellent Supplier of Imported Asphalt in 2021, and Mr. Hua Jing, Chairman of Star Energy (China) Co., Ltd., accepted the award on the stage.

Accompanied by the energetic toast given by Mr. Wei Fangdong, Vice President of Star Energy (China) Co., Ltd., the guests present raised their glasses together to announce the official start of the dinner party.

Then, the promotional video of Star Energy (China) Co., Ltd. was shown to the public for the first time. In the video, Star Energy’s employees acted in their true characters, showing their youthfulness and vigor. The video was unanimously praised by the audience, who thought that it was a manifestation of the enterprising spirit and optimism of the company, as well as another successful promotion of the company's brand power. The banquet was a rich collection of singing and dancing performances, interspersed with lucky draws, creating a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

The successful conclusion of the 2022 (15th) China Asphalt Industry Annual Meeting enhanced the friendship and ties among enterprises in the industry. The leaders present not only had a deeper understanding of the current development of the asphalt industry, but also met old friends and made new friends, which helped expand their business circle. Besides, they also had in-depth exchanges with insiders in the industry. In summary, this meeting laid a solid foundation for the sustained, stable, and healthy development of China's asphalt industry.